Hear ye, hear ye!

We would like to inform you that B.audio has launched their new Alpha One streaming integrated amp (US$17,000) and silver units will begin shipping immediately as of September 13th, 2023. Black units will follow in approximately 8 weeks.

Some of you have already heard the B.audio stuff: we sent an amp and streaming preamp out to a few of you before officially bringing on the line and the response was very positive down to the last man. So, we signed on with them at the Munich show in May. For those of you that don’t know them, B.audio are specialists in higher-end audio electronics, primarily trading heavy-iron casework for much more advanced and higher-performing electronics than products in their price category should be able to claim. The Alpha One integrated is no exception and is the result of experience gained while developing their Reference Series.

The Alpha One integrated combines cutting-edge digital electronics and conversion, a discrete stepped volume control, and multiple analog and digital inputs with a dual-mono, 120W (200W into 4 ohms) Class AB amplifier in a single compact enclosure. B.audio’s proprietary EX networking module is also included, offering 64-bit active room correction and advanced streaming capabilities. The Alpha One is a Roon certified endpoint, enables qobuz, TIDAL, and Spotify streaming, and includes Apple’s wireless Airplay® connectivity, making it applicable for the entire family, not just one person. Want to see it?  Click here.

All components manufactured by B.audio are designed in-house and developed by their team. The manufacturing of casework and electronic boards—both surface mount and through-hole, depending on current carrying needs—is carried out in France by rigorously selected local suppliers, while final assembly is carried out by hand in the company’s workshops in Saint Hippolyte, in the heart of the Alsatian vineyards.

B.audio was created by a two-brother team of engineers whose professional experiences enabled them to take a fresh and unique look at the challenges of sound reproduction. Sebastién is a former project manager for Mercedes-Benz and Chris is a former hardware and software engineer for a medical electronics manufacturer. Convinced that it was possible to create better audio gear by leveraging modern technologies, they used their expertise to create a few early prototypes. The feedback received from audio professionals around Europe was such that they decided to take the risk and jump into the deep end of the pool and create the B.audio marque in 2016. In the past seven years, they’ve since earned numerous accolades in Europe, Asia, and Australia, including multiple Product of the Year awards from actual major magazines (not just some guy typing away in his mom’s basement with a cat and a bag of Doritos).

If this sounds like something you’d be interested in, please contact the very nice folks at Monarch Systems at 720-399-0072 or [email protected]. They’re very nice and can pass along some good secrets to making excellent marinara or BBQ.

To read more about the Alpha One and review the spec details, you can find that here.

Interesting high-resolution music and video samples can be found here.

B Audio Alpha One back view of the Integrated Streaming Amplifier showing connections available.