The Sonnet is the smallest of the three Academy offerings but is the largest and highest performing monitor loudspeaker in Chario’s portfolio. Like its brethren, the Sonnet features a complex internal bracing design tailored specifically for its smaller cabinet in conjunction with extremely stiff Italian walnut that makes up the outer shell of its casework. The Reversed Array driver design mounts the tweeter below the woofer, sending the bass driver’s first-floor reflection beyond the listening position to minimize distortion. Placed on or off its stand, the Sonnet will perform at a surprisingly high level in small, medium, and semi-large rooms.


  • Made entirely of solid Italian walnut and HDF.
  • Two-way Reversed Array driver arrangement simplifies room integration.
  • Low tweeter crossover point from the T32 tweeter to the Rohacell Full-Apex woofer, well below mid-band phase sensitivity.
  • Fiberformã polymeric fiber lining disperses energy within the cabinet.
  • Stands specifically designed for the Sonnet.
  • Handmade in Milan, Italy.

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Frequency Response

55Hz (-3 dB) to 20kHz

Sensitivity (dB SPL)

90 dB


Nominal 4 ohms (min. 3.0 ohms)

Driver Type & Size

1.26″ T32 Silversoft Dome Tweeter

6.69″ Rohacell Full Apex Woofer

32mm T32 Silversoft Dome Tweeter

170mm Rohacell Full Apex Woofer


17.52″ x 9.25″ x 13.38″

445mm x 235mm x 340mm


30.8 lbs.

14 kg


Italian Solid Walnut

Port Position

Rear Firing

Woofer Port Position

Rear Ported

Crossover Frequency

1180 Hz Linkwitz-Riley 4th-order

Academy Series

Chario Serendipity Speaker. Floor-standing speaker. Chario Academy Series. Academy Serendipity Speaker. Front Angle View. Made in Italy. Solid Walnut Finish. Floor standing loudspeaker.
Chario Sovran Speaker in solid walnut wood finish. Chario Academy Sovran front angle view. Floor-standing loudspeaker.
Chario Sonnet Speaker in solid walnut wood finish. Chario Academy Sonnet front angle view on a speaker stand. Bookshelf Speaker.