Monarch Systems Distribution Product highlights and news from the show.

Siltech Cables

“We traveled to the Munich High End show for a very special debut: the world premiere of Siltech’s Master Crown series. Master Crown sits at the very top of the Siltech cable ladder and incorporates a slight variation of their Mono-Crystal Silver conductors and a whopping 12 (!) conductor cores. Amazingly enough, it’s also very flexible! Monarch is scheduled to debut the very first cables available from the factory as soon as they’re ready to ship and we’ll get you more information as soon as we’re able.”

Did you catch that? Monarch Systems will debut the very first set of Master Crown Cables produced! Contact us if you would like to schedule a demo.

Demonstrations will be exclusive and extremely limited until full production orders start shipping later this summer.

Audio Physic TEMPO

“Audio Physic debuted an update to the Reference Tempo at the Munich High End show: the incorporation of their unique Spiderless Midrange Driver. Tempo has always been a highly resolving loudspeaker, however the Spiderless Midrange Driver gives it dynamics and clarity in the midband that has only been available in their more expensive loudspeakers until now. Tempos will begin shipping with the new midrange driver immediately.”

More announcements coming over the next few weeks! Stay tuned!