Ultra Carbon High-End Audio Accessories

Record clamps, component feet, and isolation furniture, beautifully crafted from
carbon fiber for superior sound isolation.

Regardless of the care chosen in selecting the main parts of a system—amp, preamp, speakers—there are final details that push the overall performance of a system beyond the abilities of just the components themselves: record clamps (TC-40), footers (Ceramic Disc), or isolation platforms (PL-1). This is the forte of Ultra-Carbon, the accoutrements that take a system from good to great. Ultra Carbon is the specialized branch of Franc Audio Accessories that designs and engineers resonance control products with real carbon fiber to reduce mechanical distortion. Ultra-Carbon’s products are not only functional but are also finished with jewelry-like precision.

And they never go out of style.

TC-40 Record Clamp

Damp and stabilize your turntable with Ultra Carbon’s highly functional yet fashionable stainless steel and carbon fiber vinyl record weight clamp. Weighing in at a massive 985g, the TC-40 has a beautiful, jewelry-like finish and adds rotational stability and resonance control to nearly any unsuspended turntable. You can accessorize your record player even further by pairing it with Ultra Carbon’s mechanical isolating feet.

When upgrading your turntable, don’t just swap out the needle, weight your LPs to damp unwanted vibrations! Your ears and record collection will love you for it.

  • Made of precision machined stainless steel and carbon fiber
  • Weight  985 grams
  • Height  40mm
  • Center bore  30mm
  • Bore Diameter 7.25mm
  • Easy to use—just drop it in place
  • Universal fit (except for Linn or suspended turntables)
  • Available in machined stainless steel or matte black

To download the TC-40 product brochure, please click here.

Ceramic Disc Component Isolation Footers

Remove unwanted vibrations and stabilize your home audio system with Ultra Carbon’s Ceramic Disc Isolation Footers. Ultra Carbon’s resonance control footers are beautifully finished and use a combination of hard and soft materials to eliminate resonances, revealing levels of detail and clarity you didn’t even know your system could reproduce. An easy and hugely effective upgrade for turntables, source components, amplifiers, and even speakers in your system.

  • Made of aluminum and soft polymer with an integral Ceramic Bearing System
  • Weight  272.16 grams
  • Height  5.08mm
  • Bore Depth  NA
  • Bore Diameter  NA
  • Weight Capacity  79.38kg
  • Easy to use
  • Universal fit
  • Available in custom colors
  • Made in Poland
  • 4 Purchasing Options
  • ISO-SS4 Ceramic Coupled, Stainless Steel, 80 lb. capacity (Set of 4)
  • ISO-SS3 Ceramic Coupled, Stainless Steel, 80 lb. capacity (Set of 3)
  • ISO-AL4 Ceramic Coupled, Aluminum, 55 lb. capacity (Set of 4)
  • ISO-AL3 Ceramic Coupled, Aluminum, 55 lb. capacity (Set of 3)

PL-1 Isolation Platform

Real carbon fiber is the central material throughout all of Ultra Carbon’s offerings and is prominent in the PL-1. The PL-1 Isolation Platform is incredibly well-built from multiple layers of constrained-layer damped High Density Fiberboard (HDF), damping foam, machined aluminum and steel, and carbon fiber. Four rather elegant isolation feet are also provided and contribute to the abilities of the PL-1. Optional upgraded Ceramic Disc Isolation Feet from Ultra Carbon or Franc are available for even greater resonance control in “flagship” systems.

Solid and beautifully finished, the PL-1 is the perfect foundation for your turntable, tube amps, or any components—even power distribution centers—that benefit from mechanical isolation. After all, you want to reveal the true level of performance you built your system for, right?

  • Capacity  150 lbs. (68kg)
  • Dimensions  19.7” W x 17.7” D x 4.75” H  (50cm W x 45cm D x 12cm H). Larger, custom sizes will increase the maximum weight capacity.
  • Applications  Turntables, Electronic Components, Source Components, Sensitive Potted Plants
  • Standard finish  Gloss Makassar Ebony with real carbon fiber inlay on the top surface.  Custom gloss and matte veneer and RAL paint finishes available by request.

Record Clamp Interview at AXPONA

AXPONA Show 2022

AXPONA Audio Show Ultra Carbon Record Clamp Interview Video Cover Image for Monarch Systems Distribution

An Ideal Solution for Various Audio System Applications

  • Turntable feet stability
  • Home speaker upgrade
  • Sound and vibration isolation
  • Amplifiers resonance isolation
  • Speaker stand feet
  • Platform feet
  • Equipment rack shelving vibration isolation