Ultra Carbon High-End Audio Accessories

Record Clamps and Component Feet beautifully crafted from Carbon Fiber for superior sound isolation

I can’t tell you much about fashion trends or haute couture. Not that I disdain it, it’s just not something that I follow. Bell bottoms, tiny suits, clown shoes, skinny jeans, whatever fad has come and gone, I just never manage to pay much attention. I did, however, learn an important lesson years ago when I was in college.

A man named Alan managed a frighteningly upscale clothing store that I wandered into because of a sweatshirt that I saw in the window. By asking about the sweatshirt I got an unexpected education on how to dress. Alan taught me that any outfit, whether a hand-stitched suit, bespoke little black cocktail dress, or casual weekend attire, is never complete until the accompanying details are in place.

Whether for men or women, there are certain things that make-or-break one’s appearance, and if one truly cares about one’s attire these things are never left out. Shoes, belt, wristwatch, cufflinks, even the type of knot in a necktie, these are the details that elevate a carefully chosen array of clothes from good to great.

However strange it may seem, assembling a fine audio system mirrors the assembly of a striking outfit.

Regardless of the care chosen in selecting the main parts of a system—amp, preamp, speakers—there are final details that push the overall performance of a system beyond the abilities of just the components themselves—record clamps (TC-40) or isolation devices. This is the forte of Ultra-Carbon, the accoutrements that take a system from good to great. Ultra-Carbon’s products are not only functional but are also finished with jewelry-like precision. And they never go out of style, just like my sweatshirt.


  • Construction  Stainless Steel and Carbon Fiber
  • Weight  985g
  • Height  40mm
  • Bore Depth  30mm
  • Bore Diameter  7.25mm
  • Weight Capacity  NA

Component Feet
  • Construction  Aluminum with Ceramic Bearing System
  • Weight  272.16
  • Height  5.08mm
  • Bore Depth  NA
  • Bore Diameter  NA
  • Weight Capacity  79.38kg