At its most fundamental definition, a bridge is simply a structure that spans some sort of depression or obstacle. Seems simple enough. And it is, if the bridge in question is simply to get a person across a small creek or over a little pile of rocks. But there’s much more to it if the bridge in question has more difficult functional parameters: does it need to carry a lot of weight? What’s the span? Are there environmental and external forces that must be addressed? And how does an engineer go about designing a bridge that excels at its basic function and deflects outside interference while at the same time being beautiful and iconic where it will reside?

To some extent the same principles apply to the racks, stands or platforms used to support high-performance audio equipment (minus the need to safely hold people or carry traffic, of course). In a perfect world, an audio product would be perfectly immune to air- or surface-borne sound waves or vibration. But we don’t live in a perfect world. We can measure the effects of vibration or resonance in the harmonic distortion of an audio product’s output. What to do? The Franc Wood Block Rack or Platforms.

Resonance control is both science and art.

Like a bridge, the effects of resonance and vibration on audio equipment have to be controlled and a good foundation is crucial. Franc has chosen to place the Wood Block Racks and Platforms on feet made from machined metal and ultra-hard ceramic. The rack’s framework is then made of precision machined aluminum for stability and strength. Then there’s the suspension: the use of absorptive polymers, aluminum, and more ceramic create a barrier to isolate the rack or platform’s skeleton from the multi-layered and laminated wood where you place your audio system components.

The Rialto, Zubizuri, Brooklyn, Khaju, Golden Gate, Millau, or Széchenyi Chain Bridge: just like any other piece of architecture, a bridge that’s going to be around for a long time has to have a striking and timeless appearance that works with the surrounding environment. The same goes for Franc’s racks and platforms. They have to be beautifully constructed and kitted out in a way that blends perfectly in your home.

All Wood Block Racks and Platforms are available with shelves that can be painted in practically any custom color you choose. They’re also available in eight standard and literally hundreds of custom wood veneers with a gloss or matte varnish finish. Regardless of your décor, the Wood Block products can be configured to match your home environment and the shelves or platforms can always be replaced to match future changes.

As it should be.

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