The New Generation of High End Audio

The French perspective has always been very different, maybe even off-beat. Their approach to experiencing life, “l’experience,” is different than how we perceive the same in North America. Case in point, in North America we conveniently use the drive-through to buy coffee and don’t recognize the experience. The French way is very different – they sit at a café facing outward, drink their café au lait from a proper porcelain cup, paired with a pastry. In other words, it’s an immersive experience.


This joie de vivre parlays to French product creation. For example, in 1955 Citroën’s DS with its extremely low drag-coefficient, innovative suspension and elegant interior was and still is today, totally unique and an icon. The DS was never intended to take its drivers from place to place with a utilitarian lack of meaning—it was smooth, it had style, it was quiet. It was more than just a product to perform a singular function. It was an expérience.

This same way of thinking carries through to Their displays emerge from a smoked glass window and are shifted to the left-hand side of the front panel instead of being centered, but the design is engaging and unique. Their volume controls rotate counterclockwise so that the control is in symphony with a lighted volume level display set to the right side of the front panel to offset the display and create an elegant harmony between the two. Smaller details are abundant in the remote, operation manual USB stick, delicate relay clicks, and packaging. But wrapped in the distinctive industrial and aesthetic design is leading-edge technology and performance.’s creations are intended to captivate the listener through each component’s ability to carry the soul of the artists being played and, just as much, through the visual and physical interaction between the listener and the system.


Reflecting their exclusivity, our devices rely on a pure design, featuring a CNC-machined aluminum front panel with integrated ball-bearing mounted rotary knobs.

Inspired by celestial gravity, the housing style stands out for the purity of its lines, letting aside any disturbing element.

Longevity and Upgrades

Best sonic qualities are nothing if they fade in time.

All components are carefully selected to keep optimal characteristics over time. For instance, every chemical capacitor used in our products withstands a minimum of 5000h of operation at 105°C, which translates to more than 40 years of continuous operation in typical operating conditions.

To remain at the cutting edge of technology and with a commitment to sustainable design, our products have been engineered to be upgradable. These updates will be available to current users once new options or enhancements are made available. Product Line

Alpha One
B audio massive aluminum remote control standing up with lower shadow.