Cut from the same cloth as Chario’s larger Serendipity flagship, the Sovran is designed for a smaller acoustic environment. Employing an “Acoustic Doublet” technology allows the floor-standing loudspeaker to produce a larger presentation than a speaker of comparable size. Italian walnut and High-Density Fiberboard (HDF) are essential materials for the cabinet’s inert design and Reversed Array alignment keeps the woofers as far away as possible from the subwoofers, thus minimizing mechanical acoustic interference. The Sovran has a five-degree tilt, integral for the speaker’s drivers to deliver phase accurate details with fully integrated and musical bass extension.


  • Made of massive slabs of solid Italian walnut and HDF.
  • Separate bass and midrange/high-frequency cabinets.
  • Three-way vertical alignment for greater room integration.
  • Five-degree tilt for perfectly timed energy propagation.
  • High-performance T32 tweeters, Rohacell Full-Apex mid-bass/bass drivers, and cellulose subwoofers.
  • Handmade in Milan, Italy.

Stereophile, 12/2008: please click here., 1/2013: please click here.

Frequency Response

35Hz (-3 dB) to 20kHz

Sensitivity (dB SPL)

90 dB


Nominal 4 ohms (min. 3.0 ohms)

Driver Type & Size

1.26″ T32 Silversoft Dome Tweeter

6.69″ Rohacell Full Apex

2 ea. 7.87″ Natural Fiber 2 Wave Surround HF Motor

32mm T32 Silversoft Dome Tweeter

170mm Rohacell Full Apex

2 ea. 200mm Natural Fiber 2 Wave Surround HF Motor


48″ x 9.45″ x 17.32″

1220mm x 240mm x 440mm


103.6 lbs.

47 kg

Cabinet Finish

Italian Solid Walnut 

Port Position

Rear Firing

Woofer Port Position

Rear Ported

Downward Firing Woofer

Crossover Frequencies

1180 Hz Linkwitz-Riley 4th-order

Academy Series

Chario Serendipity Speaker. Floor-standing speaker. Chario Academy Series. Academy Serendipity Speaker. Front Angle View. Made in Italy. Solid Walnut Finish. Floor standing loudspeaker.
Chario Academy Serendipity Loudspeaker.
Chario Sovran Speaker in solid walnut wood finish. Chario Academy Sovran front angle view. Floor-standing loudspeaker.
Chario Academy Serendipity Loudspeaker.
Chario Sonnet Speaker in solid walnut wood finish. Chario Academy Sonnet front angle view on a speaker stand. Bookshelf Speaker.
Chario Academy Serendipity Loudspeaker.