Welcome to the new Master

Time is the great equalizer. Eventually every milestone is surpassed, humbled, or forgotten. In the case of Siltech’s previous premier audio cables, the Triple Crown Series, they were certainly never going to be humbled or forgotten, though it was only a matter of time before their excellence was exceeded. Welcome then, Master Crown.

Only Siltech could create Master Crown. Of all audio cable manufacturers, only Siltech has the necessary engineering, facilities, and manufacturing expertise to produce a cable series at this level. For more than 40 years they’ve been chasing perfection in audio, ten of those working on a successor to Triple Crown. Finally, diligent research into material science and cable spectral analysis, magnetic field propagation, and innovations in cable con­struction have led to audio cables the likes of which the world has never seen or heard. Master Crown is the best audio cable in the world.

Multiple achievements have been realized to create the new flagship series: a modified version of S10 Mono-Crystal Silver conductors that uses the purest silver possible with a tiny injection of gold, a unique cable winding layout that follows Siltech’s new Balanced Ground Principle for an unequaled low noise floor (low enough to reveal signals down to a mind-blowing 0.000000000000008 watt!) that lets the absolute tiniest details shine and breathe life into your music, a significant reduction of Current Shield Distortion (CSD) leaving incredible clarity in the critical vocal range, and conductor and insulator construction that substantially drops magnetic field distortion. Even the connectors of each cable are treated uniquely: each S10 Mono-Crystal Silver spade or interconnect connector pin is gold-plated with direct plasma-plating for the last little bit of sonic depth and body.

Manufactured in limited quantities and placed squarely in the premium audio category, this is a cable series only a fortunate few will get to own and experience. This is where all of music’s most life-like characteristics come alive: the delicate, the thunderous, the precise, the emotional, and the magical. This is Master Crown.


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