Why you should choose quality audio cables for your home listening system

A topic near and dear to us at Monarch is automobiles. We love every type; old or new, sport or luxury, exotic or pedestrian, racing or commuter.

When thinking about each and every type, it’s easy to become baited into choosing which is best and why. Which maker has developed higher torque engines? Which badge best delivers the most power most efficiently? Who offers the most luxurious separation from the outside world? What’s the superior braking-system: ceramic, slotted, or cross-drilled? The debates go on and on, but rarely does anyone debate the merits of a high-quality electrical system. A car’s wiring generally goes unnoticed. We all know that a bad electrical system will cause fits—if the car is even able to operate—but we never think about it unless it needs service. Even Ferrari has dealt with issues related to poor ignition wiring connectors: the cars run, but power and efficiency are improved when the connectors are replaced.

This is the comparison we make to audio or video cable within AV systems.

They don’t usually receive the attention they deserve. Poor quality cables can starve, weaken, or alter the presentation of the music or film being reproduced but excellent cables can mean excellent performance. Simply put, cable systems are vital to the ultimate ability of one’s system.

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