A Scientific & Repeatable Method To Calibrate your LP's

The Case for Absolute Precision

Like many others, we’ve recently been excited about the renewed interest in our space program. Watching spacecraft bullseye their targets more than a quarter of a million miles away from earth is nearly unfathomable. Nearly as impressive are the hundreds of thousands of man hours that go into spacecraft development, deployment, calculations, training, and programming. All of these disciplines factor into what’s called Orbital Mechanics—the motions of artificial satellites and space vehicles. Every preparation and calculation is critical, being that after a craft is launched there is very little opportunity for adjustment. If everything isn’t just perfect, these craft won’t hit their intended targets, missing their mission’s goal by millions of miles, essentially becoming very expensive “space junk.”

Turntable Setup Requires Just as Much Precision

On a much smaller scale, think of a stylus and its trajectory flying through the groove of a vinyl record: the stylus (cartridge), tonearm and turntable must be in perfect symphony. It’s hard to comprehend, but the stylus or needle tip of your phono cartridge is about 50 microns wide and an LP’s groove is about 50.4 microns wide. Just for reference: a human hair measures somewhere between 70 and 120 microns, so your turntable’s stylus must be positioned perfectly to extract maximum fidelity from your record collection. Like space travel, every element of the turntable’s setup and the stylus’ contact with the groove is interconnected. If the stylus is off by the tiniest degree, the playback could be muffled, thin, pulled too heavy towards one channel or the other, or have phase issues.


For years, turntable and cartridge setup have always relied on the eyes, ears, and experience of a few people to get an analog rig to sound as good as possible. There are many ways to setup a turntable and get the cartridge aligned just-so. There are even a few tools that can help you with key parts of the process. However, before now there had never been a repeatable, scientific test and measurement system to help you fine-tune every step of the procedure. Proper tools, measurements, and feedback let you see when you’re just a little bit off and when you have things exactly where they need to be. AnalogMagik doesn’t replace your turntable setup procedure, it helps you make it much more precise.

How the AnalogMagik Software Works

AnalogMagik’s distortion analyzer software has visual feedback for every adjustment to guide you through a systematic and repeatable setup procedure to accurately retrieve the finest details from your favorite music in your record collection. AnalogMagik’s software shows the accuracy of each set-up parameter and provides visual feedback to make micro-corrections and achieve exacting results, shepherding you through speed control (wow and flutter), azimuth set up, vertical tracking angle, anti-skating adjustments, vertical tracking force, and channel balance, just to name a few. Cartridge alignment in particular requires making tiny adjustments that all depend on each other much like spacecraft trajectory calculations: if just one thing is off, then everything is off.


Comprised of a pair of high-quality vinyl records and their accompanying software, AnalogMagik works with a high-quality USB phono sound card, a Windows-based computer, and a turntable setup protractor to visually guide you through every step of turntable and cartridge’s alignment. There are even instructional videos to guide you through the setup of your turntable’s arm and motor speed.

Additional Resources & Information

Here’s a complete list of everything you’ll need:

  • AnalogMagik Cartridge Alignment Setup LPs and Software Key
  • AnalogMagik Cartridge Alignment Software (downloadable here)
  • Art Phono Plus USB phono soundcard
  • Art Phono Plus soundcard driver software (downloadable here)
  • A good, high-accuracy turntable setup protractor such, as the Acoustical Systems SMARTractor
  • An accurate VTF (vertical tracking force) stylus force scale gauge
  • A Windows-based computer (preferably a laptop)

To make things easy, Monarch Systems Ltd offers a complete kit with everything you need.


Other helpful items we suggest but are not necessary:

  • A torque driver kit

Coming Soon!

To download the AnalogMagik Brochure, please click here.

  • Both LPs and a software key
  • Art Phono Plus USB
  • Acoustical Systems SMARTractor
  • VTF gauge

Before contacting anyone for help, you may find the answers you need here.

If you still need help, please contact the authorized AnalogMagik dealer for further assistance.

It is possible to upgrade V1 software to V2.  Please contact your authorized dealer for details.

For warranty service of any portion of the Monarch Systems Ltd. AnalogMagik kit, please contact the authorized dealer where you purchased the kit.

AnalogMagik Product Introduction Video

An Ideal Solution for Various Audio System Applications

  • Refine tonearm setup
  • Adjust platter speed
  • Cartridge alignment
  • Set proper anti-skate
  • Optimize stylus force
  • Perfect carburetor air/fuel mixture