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Distortion comes in many forms. Nearly all of these are addressed by the engineering team responsible for designing audio components—possibly even your rack. Yet there are still opportunities for distortion to find its way into a system. Audio Physic examined some of these issues and went to work where they have definitive expertise: vibration.

Audio Physic’s Vibration Control Footers (VCF) stop unwanted mechanical distortion in three places within your audio system: between the component and the surface where it sits, your loudspeakers and the floor, and finally, cable looms (power, interconnect, and speaker cables). For anyone looking to get the very last bit of performance out of their system, components should be isolated from their rack or shelf. With loudspeakers, many brands tend to skimp on the basic footer or spike systems. And radiated fields and static charge are potential issues for cables. Audio Physic’s VCF products address all of these distortion conduits.

There are two levels of Audio Physic isolation solutions, VCF II and VCF V. VCF II products provide isolation for products up to 44 lbs each (20 kg) and the VCF V supports up to 77 lbs each (35 kg). There are two versions of the VCF II and V: with and without magnets. The systems without magnets use a nylon mesh system to provide isolation and the systems with magnets support products by using a pair of opposing magnets. With so many different options, there’s certainly a solution to maximize the potential of every system.

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