Fidelity Innovation Award 2024

Audio Physic’s Reference series speaker SPARK is awarded the 2024 Fidelity Magazine’s 2024 HiFi Innovation Award.

Audio Physic SPARK

Audio Physic Spark – Fidelity Magazine (

Like all Audio Physic loudspeakers, the Spark, too, clearly exhibits the handiwork of the manufactory: evidently, a passionate team was at work here that approaches every aspect of the design from an unusual angle and often comes up with better results precisely because of that. This shows already in the enclosure design, which consists of a wood fiber based inner box to which the outer glass panels are elastically coupled – due to the very different resonance behavior of the two layers, this construction is particularly effective at mitigating vibration propagation.

– Fidelity Magazine Award 2024

The driver technology used is equally unusual: The HHCM SL midrange, for instance, does without a spider, which consequently cannot reflect the back wave back at the diaphragm, thus avoiding the associated distortion. These are just two among countless innovative solutions, which in concert create the typical Audio Physic sound signature marked by agile musicality as well as stupendous soundstaging.

– Fidelity Magazine Award 2024

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