Siltech’s High-Performance Speaker System

Like many flagship creations, the Symphony loudspeaker system began in the space of task-irrelevant thoughts and fantasy. Siltech’s Edwin van der Kley Rynveld and his team dreamed of a speaker that could accurately recreate the sounds of the largest symphonies down to the very quietest music, and that pushed the boundaries beyond the abilities of the human ear to evaluate their cable designs.

Each speaker is a massive 460 lbs. of audio engineering chef-d’oeuvre that combines decades of research and development with state-of-the-art materials and craftsmanship. Each of the three driver cabinets has the dedicated task of reproducing different portions of the audio spectrum: high frequencies, middle frequencies, and low frequencies. All cabinets contain elaborate internal engineering combining aluminum walls and polymer to eliminate any unwanted mechanical distortions. The drivers within each cabinet are Siltech’s own and connected to a sophisticated powered crossover using their exclusive passive analog buffer technology.

The bass cabinet houses four enormous Siltech-designed 18” cone drivers that are carefully positioned to minimize room interaction—exciting the air but not the natural resonance of the room. The center cabinet, which is tasked with the highest frequencies, features three purpose-built, high-performance mid-range drivers alongside two ribbon tweeters and a diamond dome super-tweeter. The top cabinet, focused on the mid-band, has a single direct radiating driver featuring a unique oval shaped voice-coil front and center. The enclosures achieve perfect line-source time alignment are all isolated from each other by employing specially engineered curved ruby decouplers.

The dream could only have been conceived and realized by Siltech, the world’s foremost cable company: a loudspeaker system which can reproduce the power of a large ensemble, the speed of the most demanding popular music, the spark of a live performance, and yet the warmth of a trio playing the most delicate arraignments.


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Frequency Response: 17Hz-100kHz (-3dB)

Minimum input power: >20W RMS per channel

Maximum SPL: 115dB before clipping

Total Harmonic Distortion: <0.25%, 20Hz-20kHz

Size: 700x800x1,900mm (WxDxH, without base)

Weight: 244kg (180, 43, 21kg for bass, mid, top)

Country of origin: Netherlands, EU

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