Chario White Belong Speaker. Forward facing on the stand without the grill covering on. White background.

Ever since I was a kid, I’ve had a fascination with mechanical things.

The way things work, why they do what they do. If you’d like some entertainment, ask my parents about this and see what they have to say. Like when I watched their mechanical anniversary clock never stop moving. It wasn’t plugged in and I couldn’t remember anyone ever-winding it. Eventually, my curiosity got the better of me and I took it apart. The clock never worked again. My father also had an old Italian car in the garage. Even turned off, the pop-up headlights would work at the flip of a switch—up and down, lights on or off. If you flipped the switch fast enough, just one would raise and lower and the car would appear to wink. How? I took apart the headlight assemblies and part of the front of the car while no one was paying attention. I learned an important lesson that evening: never take dad’s car apart.

Anyway, quite often I learned that someone had figured out a novel and unexpected way to make things better. This is where Belong comes in. All of Chario’s other cabinets make use of walnut hardwood. But Italy is home to the largest superyacht industry in the world and a lot of Corian is used in their creation. What if this inert material was applied to a loudspeaker with ceramic added for rigidity? What if a slab of solid walnut was added to give the whole a bit of soul and warmth?

The answer, of course, is Belong. Unexpected and yet somehow immediately recognizable as a Chario. It’s some of the best sound you’ll ever hear.

Chario Belong Series

Chario Belong Speaker in Corian, Massive Wood Finish. Bookshelf speaker. Chario Belong Series. Rear view with connection close up. 2-way loudspeaker.