40th Anniversary Cable Release

Ruby Crown honors Siltech’s 40th anniversary (the ruby anniversary) and also gives a nod towards some of the most popular cables in their history (Ruby Hill and Ruby Mountain) while taking advantage of the most recent technology the company has offered but at a more affordable price point.  Ruby Crown is an all-analog cable line (no digital cables) and is the easiest entry point into their S10 Mono-crystal Silver conductor metallurgy, reducing costs by using either 3- or 4-core designs, dependent upon the model.  In addition to the use of Siltech’s top-of-the-line conductor technology, exceptional connectors are used in the cable terminations, even including the Royal Crown spade connections for Ruby Crown Speaker.  The Ruby Crown series has all new packaging that fits nicely between Classic Legend and Royal Crown, with a magnetically secured box cover that features a company timeline and tells a bit of the Siltech story when opened.  

The first public show presentation of a full loom of Ruby Crown in North America will be presented by The Voice That Is at the Capitol Audiofest in the Wilson Ballroom – if you’ll be there, be sure to check them out.  The Ruby Crown cables will be matched with Tidal electronics and the new Tidal Contriva loudspeakers.

To learn more, visit the Siltech Ruby Crown Product Page.

To view the Siltech Ruby Crown Cable Series Brochure, click here.