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1946 was a year full of firsts. The United Nations met for the first time in London. The U.S. Army bounced the first radar signal off the moon. And the first bikini bathing suit debuted in Paris. It was also the year the Scale Model Equipment Company, later SME Limited, a small company founded by Alastair Robertson-Aikman, began to produce exacting scale models and parts for the scale model industry. SME would later move on to make precision parts for aircraft instruments, business machines, Rolls-Royce, and submarine industries.


SME is deeply established in audio’s roots, dating back to 1959 when the first SME pickup arm was engineered and produced. Analog turntable pickup arms must be incredibly precise devices: the variations in the groove of a record that store music are so small that the tiniest error in tracking is magnified by the entire analog playback process. If a turntable doesn’t keep good time, adds noise, or fails to track properly, the music is distorted. Turntable assemblies require extremely precise parts and engineering to perform their best and allow the music to engage the listener. There is no margin for error.

In 2016 SME was purchased and became a part of the Cadence Audio Group of Companies, ushering in an era of substantial investment in a new-generation state of the art plant, machinery, and equipment at its factory in Steyning, Sussex, England. SME also became a supplier of premium, high-quality precision-engineered components for the aerospace, Formula 1, automotive, and medical equipment industries. True to their history, however, SME remains in Steyning and choses to stay in the British countryside where they were born. Most importantly, they continue to innovate and advance the art and science of producing the world’s best turntable systems that we all know and love.

SME Product Line

MODEL 12 Mk. 2
MODEL 15 Mk. 2
MODEL 20 Mk. 2
MODEL 30 Mk. 2