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This we know: very, very few things in the world generate as much heated debate as cable lifters, yet Franc Audio Accessories dove into the fray with abandon. Pawel Skulimowski, Franc’s chief designer, has a master’s degree in engineering and dove headlong everywhere he felt he could make a difference. We also know that there are actual scientific, engineering-based reasons why cable lifters work and why they work better in some environments than others. We’re not going to get into the debate here and instead just ask that if you have questions, click this link for a basic explanation.


What we can tell you is that lifting a cable off the floor has an impact on the electrical workings of the cable and, to some extent, your loudspeakers. So yes, Franc’s cable lifters will have a significant, positive effect on the performance of your system. If your system resides on carpet, cable lifters will have an even greater impact and the results will clearly be audible.


For years Franc has been in the business of making the usual audio system accessories as beautiful or interesting to look at as they are functional. While they’ll never be the least expensive products available, all Franc Audio Accessories products will be gorgeous, will improve the beauty of the music your system produces, and have extensive engineering theory behind them. Franc’s cable lifters will look good in your house, they can be color or real wood veneer customized to match your floor or décor, and, most importantly, they sure as hell work.


This we know.


Paint Finish Options

Standard Paint Finishes: Jet Black, Signal White, Signal Gray, Pure Red, and Ultramarine Blue.

Veneer Finish Options

  • Standard Veneer Finishes: Black Zebrano, Ebony, Gray Oak, Muscato Root, Oak Mocha, Palisnder Indiana, Palisnader Rio, Siberian Oak, Sicilian Walnut, Sosna, Teak, and Weng Escuro.
  • Veneers are available in high-gloss or matte finish.

Custom Finishes

Thousands of custom paint and veneers are available via special order.

Sample Paint Finishes:


  • Dimensions Coming Soon.
  • Franc Audio Cable Stands are applicable for all audio cables of various diameters.
Ceramic Disc Hybrid
Ceramic Disc Hybrid
Ceramic Disc Classic
Ceramic Disc Classic
Ceramic Disc Fat Foot
Ceramic Disc Fat Foot
Ceramic Disc Slim Foot
Ceramic Disc Slim Foot
Ceramic Disc TH
Ceramic Disc TH

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