Siltech’s 40th Anniversary Ruby Crown

40th Anniversary Cable Release Ruby Crown honors Siltech’s 40th anniversary (the ruby anniversary) and also gives a nod towards some of the most popular cables in their history (Ruby Hill and Ruby Mountain) while taking advantage of the most recent technology the company has offered but at a more affordable price point.  Ruby Crown is…


2023 Munich HighEnd Audio Show Recap

HighEnd Audio Society, Munich, Germany Munich was most certainly as busy as ever this year. Along with cementing our business partnership with and their line of premium electronics, we met with each of our existing suppliers (Ultra Carbon, Chario, Siltech, Franc Audio Accessories, and Alluxity) and enjoyed some good German and Greek food in…

New Product Announcement

New Product Announcement:

Monarch Systems Ltd. is happy to announce our appointment as the official North American distribution partner of Component Solutions, a French manufacturer of high performance DACs, preamp/processors and amplifiers. was founded by engineers Sébastien, Cedric, and Gérard Bermann. The team began researching and developing home audio solutions 10 years before launching the…

New Product Announcement Analog Magik

New Brand Announcement: AnalogMagik

Monarch Systems Ltd. Named the Official North American Importer for AnalogMagik Turntable Set-up Software AnalogMagik turntable set-up software products will be distributed throughout the US, Canada, and Mexico by Monarch Systems Ltd. Monarch Systems Ltd. is happy to announce our appointment as the official North American distribution partner of AnalogMagik, a manufacturer of turntable and…

Classic Legend YouTube Review by Michael's Minutes HiFi Reviews

Love is in the Air: A YouTube Review of the Siltech Classic Legend Network Cable by Michael’s Minute – HiFi Lifestyle

One YouTuber’s review of a Siltech Cable; its quality and cost compared to other brands To watch Michael’s entire review, click here. Love is in the air Recently Michael’s Minutes, a HiFi enthusiast and YouTube content creator, purchased a set of Siltech Network cables for testing on his personal 2-channel listening system.  However, Michael seems…

Siltech Classic Legend 880 Speaker Cable detail of the ends featured. Listing for the Part-Time Audiophile announcing best cable for their Buyers Guide 2023.

PartTime Audiophile Names Siltech Classic Legend 880L in their Buyers Guide for Best Cable

Who knew you could call speakers cables luxurious? You can when it comes to Siltech! Classic Legend has received yet another recognition this month! Part-Time Audiophile has featured Siltech Classic Legend 880 Speaker Cable in their 2023 Buyers Guide. Thank you to the “big system” reviewers at PTA for such a fantastic review! Not sure…