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When a Classic becomes a Legend

Siltech never sits still. Their team of engineers is continually looking for new ways to improve their products, with some advancements coming quickly and others taking much longer to realize and find their way into their product line.  Today is such a day, a day when 13 years of research makes it to the forefront…

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Siltech Classic Legend 880 Review

The reviews are starting to come in and proving that the name is measuring up to it’s performance!   “The Best Silver-based wire I’ve ever heard.” “The entire room came alive during the furious crescendos, providing incredible drama.” “They image like crazy, and they allow for great strengths of the components to shine through unscathed.”…

Siltech Awards Recieved. 4 Awards recently received.

And the Award goes to SILTECH!

Siltech has been awarded a pair of awards, for both their entry-level products (Explorer 90) and flagship products (the SAGA amplifier system)! The Explorer 90 cables, power, interconnect and speaker, were given the Editor’s Choice award by The Absolute Sound. Explorer is the rather unknown level of cable in North America: it’s Siltech’s most affordable line, made of mono-crystal copper…

Alluxity Dealer News

New Alluxity Arrivals and Departures

New Alluxity Arrivals – Pre Two and Power Two Incoming: within the past few weeks we’ve taken delivery of the Pre Two and Power Two from Alluxity. The Pre Two is a balanced, solid-state preamplifier with a built-in DAC section. Available hardwired digital inputs include Toslink, S/PDIF, AES3, USB, and Ethernet for UPnP network streaming. Apple’s AirPlay is also…