Siltech Award

And the Award goes to SILTECH!

Siltech has been awarded a pair of awards, for both their entry-level products (Explorer 90) and flagship products (the SAGA amplifier system)! The Explorer 90 cables, power, interconnect and speaker, were given the Editor’s Choice award by The Absolute Sound. Explorer is the rather unknown level of cable in North America: it’s Siltech’s most affordable line, made of mono-crystal copper…


New Alluxity Arrivals and Departures

Incoming: within the past few weeks we’ve taken delivery of the Pre Two and Power Two from Alluxity. The Pre Two is a balanced, solid-state preamplifier with a built-in DAC section. Available hardwired digital inputs include Toslink, S/PDIF, AES3, USB, and Ethernet for UPnP network streaming. Apple’s AirPlay is also included for wireless connectivity to any Apple mobile device.…

Franc Audio Accessories

We Would Like to Introduce You to Franc!

We’re back to normal after the holiday season and we have a new vendor that you may have seen coming: Franc Audio Accessories. Franc is the parent company of Ultra Carbon (maker of our record clamp, platform, and isolation foot products) and manufactures some of the most beautiful racks and amp stands available on the market today. Franc’s products are…

Ultra-Carbon Machined Aluminum Feet

New Products from Ultra-Carbon

Ultra Carbon has recently developed and released two new products: machined aluminum isolation feet and beautifully made wood and carbon fiber component platforms. The feet will be familiar to those of you that are already dealers for UC’s turntable clamps, except that they’re made from precision-machined aluminum instead of stainless steel (those will come later). Each…

Alluxity Power Two

New Power Amp from Alluxity

Alluxity has been very busy during the pandemic and has a new power amplifier that has just begun to ship. The Power Two is a compact, 200WPC stereo amp based loosely on the power output stage of the Int One integrated amp, with fully-discrete gain stages designed in-house by Alluxity, a chassis machined from a…


New Award for Chario Sonnet

On September 1st, Positive Feedback published a review of the Chario Sonnets.  On November 29, Monarch received word that the magazine had given the Sonnets one of two Writer’s Choice awards.  For those of you unfamiliar with the Sonnets, they’re a stand-mounted monitor in the Academy Series, the top range in Chario’s product line. Their size…

Siltech Cables

New Products Line: Siltech

Next up for new products is a line that you may be somewhat familiar with: Siltech.  Siltech was founded in 1983 with a foundation in electrical engineering and metallurgy, using silver conductors and silver/gold alloys to increase the conductivity and wire durability for higher fidelity.  Siltech has since added more affordable copper cables in their Explorer line…

Ultra Carbon

New Products Line: Ultra-Carbon

About 4 months ago we began discussions to have a few custom accessories manufactured for Monarch that we could bring to market. The first is what you see here, the Ultra-Carbon RC-40, a 40mm tall, precision machined, stainless steel and carbon fiber record clamp. Ultra-Carbon is a European company that manufactures audio accessories (record clamps, footers)…