You’d be forgiven if Chario isn’t the first Italian company that comes to mind when you think of high-performance bespoke speakers that sound as exquisite as they look. But it’s hardly a newcomer—Chario has been handcrafting uncompromising loudspeakers since 1975 and has grown into one of the largest speaker manufacturers in Italy today.

Chario Serendipity Speaker. Floor-standing speaker. Chario Academy Series. Academy Serendipity Speaker. Front Angle View. Made in Italy. Solid Walnut Finish. Floor standing loudspeaker.

Achieving accurate, transparent sound reproduction is Chario’s singular focus.

It’s not just about what we hear, but how we hear. Established in 1975 as a university-backed acoustics research and engineering firm, Chario is a rarity in the world today: a company responsible for every aspect of their products. By applying decades of accumulated acoustical data and meticulously controlling every detail—designing drivers and crossovers that satisfy the most demanding music lover and selecting the finest 100% Italian-sourced wood—the result is sound quality void of any interpretation and aesthetics that work in any home environment, traditional or modern.

Astonishing performances, classical style, unique quality.

Chario Products

Chario Serendipity Speaker in solid walnut wood finish. Front angle close up view looking up at the tweeters and woofers. Floor-standing loudspeaker.
Chario Aviator Aria Speaker. Floor standing Speaker. Front-facing view without grill cover. Connecting point close up.
Chario-Constellation Speaker. Close up view of the bottom woofer and feet.
Chario Belong Speaker in Corian, Massive Wood Finish. Bookshelf speaker. Chario Belong Series. Rear view with connection close up. 2-way loudspeaker.