The Material

Corian is resistant to direct sunlight and its color remains substantially unchanged over time.  It resists normal stresses.  Being homogeneous throughout its thickness, it can be easily restored with surface abrasive treatments after accidental wine or ink stains.  It is also heat-tolerant.


Each cabinet in the Belong series is individually manufactured by a thermal-welding process.  Using heat allows it to be shaped into any form.  This process fashions an interior surface free from any angles, removing any sound reflection within the interior of the speaker cabinet.

Frequency Response

69Hz to 20kHz

Sensitivity (dB SPL)

87 dB


8 ohms (min. 5.3 ohms at 230Hz)

Driver Type & Size

1.26″ T32 NdFeB Motor Tweeter

5.12″ Rohacell Woofer

32mm T32 NdFeB Motor Tweeter

130mm Rohacell Woofer


15.85″ x 8.13″ x 9.8″

403mm x 207mm x 249mm


32 lbs.

14.5 kg

Cabinet Finish

White Corian® with Massive Wood

Port Position

Downward Firing

Woofer Port Position

Downward Ported

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