In the April 2023 issue of The Absolute Sound Magazine, long-time high-end audio reviewer, Jacob Heilbrunn, recently sat down with the new Siltech Double Crown cables and what he heard was, as he put it, luxurious sound quality fit for an aristocrat. Here are a few of the quotes from his article in the April issue of the magazine. You can read the full review here.

“…this was something else altogether–refined, rich, and rewarding.”

“They conveyed the sonority and sheen of the string section with marvelous fidelity…”

Jacob Heilbrunn

“Right from the outset, the Siltech cables almost seemed to plunge into the sonic depths, delivering a kind of deep propulsive character to the synthesized bass.  Immediately apparent as well, was the creamy sound of the treble.  Blake’s falsetto sounded ethereal, and female vocals were just a hint more detailed than I am accustomed to via the WAMM.

Adding the Siltech power cable only intensified these attributes.”

Jacob Heilbrunn

“The absence of grain along with the superior bass control and image solidity of the Royal Double Crown ensure that it ranks among the aristocrats of high-end cables.”

Jacob Hielbrunn

“These cables deserve every accolade that gets showered upon them. Anyone looking for performance fit for a king would do well to consider them.”

Jacob Heilbrunn

Read more about the Siltech Royal Crown product series here.

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You can find this review in the April issue of The Absolute Sound on page 92.

To read the full product review on the Siltech Double Crown loudspeaker cables online, click here.


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