One might think that Siltech’s Explorer range is the beginning of their range, but in fact it’s the end.

It’s been said that designing a budget-oriented performance product is more difficult than engineering a flagship product like their game-changing Triple Crown. The challenges are considerable, mostly due to the fact that it’s impossible to employ the same materials utilized in Explorer’s more costly relatives. However, through determined efforts in research and metallurgy from both Royal Signature and Classic Anniversary, Siltech has been able to develop the ultra-high performance 6N Mono-crystal Copper conductor. Truly unique, self-shielding, low-loss conductor layout is then combined with highly capable dual-layer Kapton/Teflon insulation to ensure protection from mechanical vibration, radiofrequency, and electromagnetic interference—all three of which saturate our technology-driven modern-day environment.

So we call the Explorer range the “end.” Scientific research accumulated throughout Siltech’s nearly 40 years has given us budget-conscious cable solutions at proper Siltech levels of performance.

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