Chario Cygnus

Myths: People have been creating myths since the beginning of organized culture.

One way for ancient people to parlay these myths from one to another was through the stars. These people, our forebears, would identify celestial objects, mostly stars, and trace the mythical characters that played center stage for both their folklore and fakelore. The other way humankind has recreated these stories, experiences and religion was through music. Through these rhythms and lyrics civilizations could tell a story or an event, all created to be easily understood, passed along, and passed down.

The Constellations series is where the Chario offerings begin; Lynx, Delphinus, Cygnus and Pegasus.

And although the Constellation line is a book-end to the Academy line, it’s still packed with the same level of attention-to-detail as its bigger siblings and each have considerable technology. The quartet that makes up the Constellation series continue to use silk dome technology but instead of utilizing Rohacell, the Chario engineering team has opted for cellulose for both the midrange and bass drivers. While not as technologically advanced, hand-crafted cellulose cones, like the material Chario’s employs, are extremely rigid and keeps the driver fully in-tact. This isn’t easy: the art of fabricating high quality papier-mâché material is disappearing. It’s worth repeating, this process Chario accomplishes in-house and in many cases by hand.

Due to the fact that many similar processes and materials are implemented in Chario’s reference and higher performance lines, Chario’s Constellation range achieves tremendous performance coupled with fantastic value and Italian fashion.

Constellation Series