For the Classic Legend series of cables, Siltech’s team of engineers decided to significantly revise the ever-popular Classic Anniversary series. This was no easy task. A tremendous amount of effort was poured into this latest iteration before the Siltech engineering team was confident in applying their stamp of “Legend.”

In today’s modern technological environment, audio and video systems are constantly surrounded by RF (radio frequency) and EMI (electromagnetic) pollution. In fact, some of these frequencies overlap the audio range. Because of these unwanted environmental issues, Siltech researched solutions to guard the audio signal within cable systems. Combined with micro-engineering, this resulted in Siltech’s quietest Classic series cables to date—measurably over 10,000 times quieter!

We would be negligent not to mention G9, Siltech’s 9th generation conductor alloy, which is a solid, high-purity silver with gold injected into the gaps in the silver’s crystalline structure. The G9 metallurgy serves as the core for the Classic Legend series due to its extremely low resistance and substantially reduced audio distortion.

Siltech Classic Legend 880L Speaker Wire Image.

Classic Legend 880

Siltech Classic Legend Tag close-up image of tag.

Classic Legend 680

Siltech Classic Legend 380 Network cable end close-up detail image.

Classic Legend 380

There are three performance options in the Classic Legend series: 380, 680, and 880. With a full assortment of level-matching phono, power, digital and video cables to complement any audio or video system, it’s easy to find a cable loom that’s perfect for your system.

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