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Franc Audio Accessories

We’re back to normal after the holiday season and we have a new vendor that you may have seen coming: Franc Audio Accessories. Franc is the parent company of Ultra Carbon (maker of our record clamp, platform, and isolation foot products) and manufactures some of the most beautiful racks and amp stands available on the market today. Franc’s products are thoroughly engineered and offer something we haven’t really seen before: audio equipment furniture with superior mechanical isolation but is also extremely attractive and can be configured in any color or wood finish you can imagine to match your customer’s home décor. Franc products span a range from the affordable Modular Rack systems that can be expanded and configured in colors and sections to fit just about any environment, to the classic Wood Block Racks with machined framework and beautifully finished wood veneers, to the bespoke, reference-level 10th Anniversary SE Wood Block Racks that feature elegantly machined aluminum and carbon fiber framework, individual shelf isolation, and shelf construction made of Panzerholz with inlaid carbon fiber.

We’re currently working on the Franc Audio Accessories portion of our website and when it’s done in a few weeks we’ll issue proper press releases and notices to our partners around the industry. In the meantime, if you’re interested in learning more about the Franc line of products or becoming a dealer, please click here.