Alluxity Dealer News

New Alluxity Arrivals – Pre Two and Power Two

Incoming: within the past few weeks we’ve taken delivery of the Pre Two and Power Two from Alluxity.

The Pre Two is a balanced, solid-state preamplifier with a built-in DAC section. Available hardwired digital inputs include Toslink, S/PDIF, AES3, USB, and Ethernet for UPnP network streaming. Apple’s AirPlay is also included for wireless connectivity to any Apple mobile device. Roon endpoint certification is also in the works. We have a Roon developer’s account, so we’ve been able to use the Pre Two without certification since it arrived and we’re happy to say that it’s operated flawlessly every time we’ve used it. There is also a pair of analog inputs, one balanced and one unbalanced, along with dual balanced and unbalanced outputs for bi-amping. The Pre Two’s gain stages are discrete (not off-the-shelf chips), modular, and fully balanced, while the internal DAC is an ESS SABRE module from Vitus Audio. Quality stuff in there!

The Power Two is the latest power amplifier from Alluxity and is based on the amp section of their Int One integrated amp. Power output is 200W per channel into 8 ohms (doubling into 4) and once again, all gain stages are discrete. The input section is balanced, but the output section is not, so there’s the difference between the One and Two power amps: the One is fully balanced from input to output.  Bass response and power with the Power Two is phenomenal and the sound has taken another step forward in overall neutrality.

Outgoing: the Power Two is on its way to a reviewer so that it can show off its musical skills. We’ll update you with the results when we have them.