New Ultra-Carbon Machined Aluminum Feet News post cover image

Ultra Carbon has recently developed and released two new products: machined aluminum isolation feet and beautifully made wood and carbon fiber component platforms.

The feet will be familiar to those of you that are already dealers for UC’s turntable clamps, except that they’re made from precision-machined aluminum instead of stainless steel (those will come later). Each foot uses a system of ceramic bearings to channel vibration and resonance through the foot and into the surface they’re resting on. Each foot also comes with a puck that has a semi-soft, non-abrasive side that can be placed between the foot and the component to protect delicate or finely finished casework. Each foot can support 55 lbs. and they come beautifully packaged in sets of three or four.

Ultra Carbon’s platforms are something else entirely. Ultra Carbon is related to another company that we’ll have to tell you about later.  Suffice it to say that their woodworking skills are excellent. Each platform is made with a real wood finish of the user’s choice (common veneers are kept in-stock) and inlaid with carbon fiber and chrome accents. We have our first platform on the way and can provide you with photos as soon as the DHL driver delivers it to our office.