Siltech Awards Recieved. 4 Awards recently received.

Siltech has been awarded a pair of awards, for both their entry-level products (Explorer 90) and flagship products (the SAGA amplifier system)!

The Explorer 90 cables, power, interconnect and speaker, were given the Editor’s Choice award by The Absolute Sound. Explorer is the rather unknown level of cable in North America: it’s Siltech’s most affordable line, made of mono-crystal copper in the same geometric configurations as their more expensive silver-alloy cables. Explorer has a bit of a warmer, more bloomy character to it and yet still shares the same exceptional neutrality and resolution that Siltech has been making famous for years.

On the other end of the spectrum, the Siltech’s SAGA amplifier system ($112,500), an opto-isolated amplifier with input selection and volume control—and yet still not quite an integrated amp—has earned also earned an Editor’s Choice award, this time from HiFi+ magazine.  To quote the review, 

I’ve never before heard electronics which use tubes in their gain stages exhibit this kind of transient speed and ultra-low-level transient detail; nor have I heard any solid-state amplifier with quite this level of neutrality and naturalness of timbre.” High praise indeed!