Group photo of Monarch associates with Chario executives and creator at the offices of Chario in Milan Ital standing with the Chario Serendipity Loudspeaker.

While attending the Munich High End show in Germany this year, the Monarch team took this opportunity to visit Chario at their new facility in Vimercate, Italy near Milan this summer. Our hosts walked us through their processes and showed us up close how the speakers are made. The history and reasoning behind the design of the woofers, the cabinets and how it all comes together for the body to listen and feel the emotion of the music. More about that in the next post.

Here sits a collection of Chario Aria bases in their final stages of development, testing and quality control before they are boxed and shipped to their new homes around the world.

All parts are manufactured in other Chario facilities but warehoused and assembled at the “mothership” and then shipped to music lovers worldwide!

Like all thing Chario, every element of the speakers’ parts are optimized.  Such is the case with their drivers – in this case you can see the use of multi-ferrite motors on their transducers.  The use of multi-ferrites serves multiple purposes including a massive reduction in compression.

One of Chario’s essential philosophies is to utilize the sonic characteristics of natural hardwood, which for Chario is Walnut grown in Italy.  It’s a painstaking process of selection, processing and curing – this requires patience as it cannot be rushed.  Featured here in their office is a cutaway of a Serendipity loudspeaker which shows the use of large Walnut slabs along with HDF for the internal bracing and structure.  The combination of the two work in harmony and create the accuracy and musicality needed for top level loudspeaker performance.

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Check back soon to see more about our visit with Chario and how we get “hands-on” with the process.

Additional images from the visit.

  • Slab of walnut cut for speaker production.  This slab is approximately 6 feet tall and 1.5 inches thick.
  • Chario Factor tour photos of the Aria speakers being prepared for shipment. Images of Rich Maez and Jon Baker at the factory with Chario executives and learning more about the product details. Some close up images of parts of the speakers and drivers.