Classic Legend YouTube Review by Michael's Minutes HiFi Reviews

One YouTuber’s review of a Siltech Cable; its quality and cost compared to other brands

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Close up image of the end of the Siltech Network Cable.

Love is in the air

Recently Michael’s Minutes, a HiFi enthusiast and YouTube content creator, purchased a set of Siltech Network cables for testing on his personal 2-channel listening system.  However, Michael seems to have been hit by cupid!  Lovestruck by the incredible performance of the Siltech classic legend cables.  In his YouTube review and comparison of the Network (Ethernet) cable, he uncovers his newly found passion for Siltech Cables.

In Michael’s video, he provides a comprehensive overview of Siltech’s Netherlands history, design, construction, and how many in the audiophile community apply the 80-20 principle when it comes to evaluating and buying audio cables and how that rule of thumb changes when it comes to Siltech. But, out of all of his excitement, Michael broke from the typical script and cut right to the chase and gave his final opinion and recommendation of the Siltech Network Cable.    

I love this cable”

“Incredible performance that you can’t unhear.  Siltech is the one.”

Michael G.

My favorite quote from Michael’s video was one where I feel and that I have said the same thing before; once you listen to a song with Siltech cables, you can’t unhear how you heard that song. You will constantly compare everything else to Siltech. Michael put it like this:

“Although when you listen to it initially, you may say, you know, yeah there is a difference, but it doesn’t sound like a huge difference. When you take it away and you go back to your other cables, you can’t unhear what you were hearing with the Siltech. And you are going to miss it. And your other cables are going to seem broken.”

Michael G.

Siltech is known to be the architect of some of the finest hi-fi equipment in the world. That reputation did not come easily – it took decades of hard work and meticulous attention to detail. All supported by scientific methods and a commitment to excellence in all things.

In the Classic Legend series, that Michael uses in his review, Siltech applied their new generation of Silver-Gold Alloy technology.  Over 12 years of scientific research and testing went into the development of the G9. 

Siltech G9 Silver-Gold Alloy Technology view under the microscope.

What is Siltech Silver-Gold Alloy (G9) Technology

Silver boasts the best conductivity of any metal, and this actually improves over time. The new G9 wire alloys silver and gold together to fill in the micro-cracks of the crystal structure, as well as offering improved cable run-in. The gold atoms naturally displace contaminant particles and fill any voids in the silver crystal matrix.

The imperfect crystalline spherical structure of silver creates small gaps between the crystal clusters causing a small distortion when a music signal passes through.  This led to the development of the Siltech proprietary Silver-Gold Alloy Technology.  Adding gold to the mix we can fill those spaces between the crystal groups which dramatically improves the electrical characteristics of the signal transmission. 

This is the key to the unapparelled accuracy of Siltech Cables.

Siltech Classic Legend Network Cable bundle.  Showing the full cable.

Michael goes into a well-rounded cable comparison of Siltech’s premium quality and construction with several other brands as well as various audio cable price points.  Even pointing out that he is a believer that you don’t have to spend a ton on expensive cables to get great sound.  But if you want the best-performing cable; “Siltech is the one.”

“It’s the best ethernet cable I have ever heard, at any price.” 

“I found no other cable, up till now, that gets me this excited about what it does. You can’t go wrong. So run, don’t walk, to your local Siltech dealer to get one for yourself.”

Michael G.

Something tells me that Michael will be buying additional Siltech Audio Cables for an even more enhanced listening experience.

Are you ready to be hit with the Siltech love bug? 

To discover Siltech’s audio achievements for yourself, email us at [email protected] and we will direct you to the nearest location for a personalized listening demonstration. 

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Siltech Classic Legend Network (Ethernet) Cable.  Close up Network cable end.

What cable was reviewed? The Classic Legend Network Cable

The cable used in Michael’s YouTube review was the Classic Legend Network Cable. A 100 Ohm Ethernet cable with two 100 Ohm twisted pairs of G9 silver-gold alloy conductors.  This allows for optimum signal transfer.

Most other network cables focus on data rate and making their cables as ‘fast’ as possible, taking little consideration of the transmission accuracy.  This is what sets Siltech apart from the others.  Siltech network cables utilize the 100BASE-TX specification.  This supports a maximum speed of 100Mbps.


Metallurgy:G9 silver-gold alloy
Construction:Twisted pair
Insulators:Teflon & Super Shielding
Available terminations:Impedance-matched RJ-45 connectors (straight or right-angled)
Classic Legend Network Cable Specifications

Siltech Cables have been made in the Netherlands since 1983. 

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