Siltech Classic Legend 880 Speaker Cable detail of the ends featured. Listing for the Part-Time Audiophile announcing best cable for their Buyers Guide 2023.

Who knew you could call speakers cables luxurious? You can when it comes to Siltech!

Classic Legend has received yet another recognition this month! Part-Time Audiophile has featured Siltech Classic Legend 880 Speaker Cable in their 2023 Buyers Guide. Thank you to the “big system” reviewers at PTA for such a fantastic review!

Not sure which audio cables you should purchase for your high-end audio system? See what the reviewers have to say about Siltech’s Classic Legend 880 Speakers Cables in this new Buyers Guide!

These speaker cables sounded downright luxurious to our “big system” reviewers: “If they have any major sonic signature it’s the same as all my other favorite components: large, complex, dynamically revealing, yet smooth.”

Part-Time Audiophile

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