Siltech announces their new cable series, Royal Crown.

The Royal Crown Series by Siltech

Royal Crown is Siltech’s brand-new capstone series, taking advantage of a number of new technologies and replacing the amazingly successful Royal Signature series.  The new Royal Crown lineup is made up of three product models, each of which offers multiple cable types: Royal Single Crown, Royal Double Crown, and Royal Triple Crown.  Royal Triple Crown is and has been Siltech’s flagship line and, even though it’s now being rolled into the Royal Crown group, its designs are not changing.  The triple Crown remains as it has been.  Single and Double Crown are complete cable lineups and include interconnect, phono, loudspeaker, loudspeaker jumper, power, and digital offerings, while Triple Crown offers interconnect, loudspeaker, and power offerings.  

All models within Royal Crown will take advantage of Siltech’s newest metallurgy: S10.  S10 is the 10th generation of pure Monocrystal Silver and features advances in conductor purity and annealing. Double and Triple Crown will also include pure Monocrystal Silver connectors.  

The primary differences between the three models: Single Crown and Double Crown share a new hexagonal conductor layout unique to the Royal Crown series.  This new layout optimizes the bundling of the conductors to keep them as tightly and efficiently packed as possible while at the same time minimizing mechanical and electrical interference.  The overall conductor gauge for Single Crown is approximately 50% greater than that of the Classic Legend 880, while Double Crown is nearly double that of Single Crown.  Triple Crown remains an incredibly tightly packed dual-conductor design (thus its incredible stiffness) with massive solid-core pure Monocrystal Silver conductors.  

The new Royal Crown cables will be shipped in new packaging that should be a step up from the previous generation of Royal Signature.