Munich High End Show 2022 Logo with the May dates that the show took place.

Monarch Systems Distribution attends the 2022 High End Show in Munich Germany

Munich High-End was an interesting show this year.  While the show itself was good in many ways (seeing old and new friends as well as getting to catch up on what’s been going on in the industry), it was also a terrible trip (the show was good, the trip was not—lost eyeglasses, lost passport, hotel reservation problems, show ticket mix-ups, being locked inside of a Biergarten in total darkness after closing time, and a case of Covid that kept one team member isolated in Germany for an extra 9 days).

Highlights from the show included a sneak peek at some of the new remote concepts from Alluxity, all of which can be 3D printed to make the design truly bespoke and avoid delays with suppliers while also keeping costs down, updates on new products in the works from Chario, new and beautifully veneered or painted cable lifters from Franc Audio Accessories, and the first look and listen to the stunning new Royal Crown products from Siltech.  We also discovered a few new product lines that we’re currently evaluating for the North American market, some of which you may see from us sometime soon.  Oddly, there were very few completely new products at Munich High-End this year, even after two years of show cancellations.  What was new was usually some sort of a minor revision, though there were a few entirely new products.  Our favorite: a turntable made in homage to Metallica using a portion of their logo, which, due to the age of the majority of attendees at the show, was a complete mystery as far as what it was.  Overall it was nice to return to Munich and since we seemed to exhaust all of our bad luck while there, we’ll happily be making the journey back again next year.