New Product News Blog Siltech Classic Legend

Siltech never sits still. Their team of engineers is continually looking for new ways to improve their products, with some advancements coming quickly and others taking much longer to realize and find their way into their product line. 

Today is such a day, a day when 13 years of research makes it to the forefront and a day when a Classic is replaced by a Legend. Siltech and Monarch Systems Ltd. are proud to announce the all-new Siltech Classic Legend!! All elements of what makes a high-performance audio cable were re-examined. The core of Siltech’s Classic Legend is the all-new G9 metallurgy which has been fine-tuned and improved upon. The gauge of the G9 conductors has also been substantially increased, almost doubling in size. Additionally, Siltech advanced the insulation materials around G9, employing a revolutionary 3-layer approach with both PEEK and Teflon. The addition of Silent-Shielding completes the new cables with the performance the world expects from Siltech.

The new Siltech Legend series offers three levels, 380, 680, and 880: all of which offer matching solutions…power cables, interconnect cables, speaker cables and digital & phono cables at each level.

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