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The reviews are starting to come in and proving that the name is measuring up to it’s performance!


“The Best Silver-based wire I’ve ever heard.”

“The entire room came alive during the furious crescendos, providing incredible drama.”

“They image like crazy, and they allow for great strengths of the components to shine through unscathed.”

Gregory Petan, Positive Feedback

Monarch Systems is happy to announce the first published review of Siltech’s new Classic Legend series of audio cables.  Greg Petan of Positive Feedback takes a look and listen to the 880 line of cables, the top group within Classic Legend, and gives it an enthusiastic recommendation. “Dynamics are critically important to me. I have a big room (36′ x 60′ x 14′) and a big speaker. If the system is not up to driving the speaker and locking into the room, there is a tendency for the sound to become rather small and overly contained. The Legend 880 did not disappoint on either broad dynamic swings or the more subtle, shallow swelling of gentle dynamics. When called upon, the system sounded very lively with a great jump factor. Listening to Reiner and the Chicago Symphony on RCA’s Sheherazade is a master class in the full spectrum of dynamic expression. The entire room came alive during the furious crescendos, providing incredible drama. The quieter passages retained a very good level of dynamic contrast within the subtle dynamic shadings maintaining the continuity of the performance.” 

The new Siltech Legend series offers three levels, 380, 680, and 880: all of which offer matching solutions…power cables, interconnect cables, speaker cables, and digital & phono cables at each level.

To read the complete review of the Siltech Classic Legend 880 Cables and see why he not only recommends them but why he is now a fan for life.

“The Legend 880 is the tip of the spear for Siltech’s shot at the price / performance bulls eye.”

Gregory Petan, Positive Feedback

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