Monarch HiFi Roadshow BBQ Food Highlights New Post Cover Image

Tour Highlight, Richmond, VA:

ZZQ Texas Craft Barbecue

3201 W Moore St., Richmond, VA  23230

This place was a big slab of butcher paper-wrapped awesomness.  Open every day until the brisket sells out, we had the…brisket (duh).  And a brisket sandwich with house-made sausage piled high on top.  This was a big %$#@& sandwich.  Sides are fairly gourmet-ish too, but we can’t remember them because we almost passed out from a beef and sausage protein overdose.  Brisket is smoked daily, which we can attest to by the giant rack of wood.  Seating is outdoors in the Dog Alley (fine, since it was warm) and they make their own sauces: vinegar and pepper, vinegar mustard, and chipotle tomato-based.  Our cumulative vote gave this place an 8.5 out of 10.  Very highly recommended if you live in Richmond or if you’re just planning to go through town.  It’s clean, it’s cool, it’s modern, and the food was worth the drive across the country for us.  Vegetarian?  Go anyway.  Eat meat.  We won’t tell.

You can find them online here and on Facebook.

Tour Highlight, Charleston, SC:

Swig ’n’ Swine

1217 Savannah Highway, Charleston, SC 29407

Whereas our previous stop was Texas BBQ transplanted into the South, Swig ’n’ Swine is all southern South, down to the pickled veggies, Alabama white sauce (never seen that one before), and corn pudding (note: corn pudding has corn in it, but isn’t a pudding.).  In addition to having a sense of humor that stole all of our tongue-in-cheek anti-vegetarian jokes, the place serves up some excellent brisket and ribs that have just the right amount of chew to them – they don’t disintegrate.  Plus turkey, sausage, Yoda meat, and a bit of T-rex, if you believe the images on their drink menu.  The vinegar sauce and mustard sauce are both incredible.  We argued over which was better and decided that they’re both worth using with abandon.  The sides, which usually get less attention than the meats at most BBQ places, are excellent here.  Go!  Go now!

You can find them online here and on Facebook.

BBQ Tour Highlight, Cincinnati, OH:

Bee’s BBQ

5910 Chandler Street, Cincinnati, OH 45227

A BBQ restaurant has finally opened in the surprisingly now booming Madisonville neighborhood of Cincinnati.  Brendan “B” Hague has been in love with BBQ since he was a child and just this April has finally made his dreams come true opening a small joint off Chandler Street.  We were lucky to get there on time before they sold out for the day, which apparently, they sell out every single day.  So, no worries you will never get, nor will they ever serve you, yesterday’s meat.  Known for their tender and juicy brisket, it all tasted amazing to us!  Even the extra little kick they give the creamy mac n cheese.  Complete the meal with some Grappo’s chip’s, a peach cobbler and I was delighted to see that they serve Coke products (we have an Atlantan among us here).  And this Atlantan, also a former Fairifax Kid, definitely recommends anyone and everyone in the area to get over to see “B” for lunch before he sells out for yet another day! 

Hanson Audio, have you been here yet??

Shout out to all the Cinci cousins – thanks to each of you for recommending Bee’s!

Open Wednesday – Saturday 11am – till they sell out

You can find them online here and on Facebook.

Tour Highlight, Atlanta, GA:

Fox Bro’s

1238 DeKalb Ave. NE Atlanta, GA 30307

We were sad that the Pork Belly Burnt Ends were 86’d (sold out) but we still dove headfirst into our smoked wings appetizer.  No extra sauce needed.  

The boys at Fox Bro’s keep an acute eye on routinely teaching the team how important fire management is, and that shows in their smoked white chicken breast that was perfectly cooked, not a touch over cooked!  I can be picky when it comes to overcooked chicken… 

Handmade and pit smoked every day for your sausage fest needs they can serve you up a Jalapeño cheddar sausage for you!  And the House Made Pit Smoked Bologna, on Texas toast with BBQ mustard, melting pimento cheese and pickles are complete with a serving of Fritos!  We didn’t have the room to eat that after all of our teeth sinking ribs BUT there is always a Next Time! 

You can find them online here and on Facebook.