Alluxity Power Two Amplifier in silver finish

Alluxity has been very busy during the pandemic and has a new power amplifier that has just begun to ship. The Power Two is a compact, 200WPC stereo amp based loosely on the power output stage of the Int One integrated amp, with fully-discrete gain stages designed in-house by Alluxity, a chassis machined from a single block of aluminum, balanced and unbalanced inputs, and a front panel touch screen for control and operation. Amplification is linear—not Class D or switch-mode. The Power Two has a US retail price of $7,800 and comes in four standard colors: silver, black, white, and titanium orange. Custom colors are also available. Trust us – the orange is awesome!

We should be receiving our first Power Two demo unit in two-to-three weeks and will be happy to let you know what our listening impressions are before we send it off to satisfy multiple review requests.