New Product Announcement

Monarch Systems Ltd. is happy to announce our appointment as the official North American distribution partner of Component Solutions, a French manufacturer of high performance DACs, preamp/processors and amplifiers. was founded by engineers Sébastien, Cedric, and Gérard Bermann. The team began researching and developing home audio solutions 10 years before launching the company in 2016. Utilizing their engineering experiences, Sébastien Bermann’s with regards to testing and product tuning, and Cedric Bermann’s in the field of electronic design and signal processing for precision measuring equipment for electrical networks, their combined talents were applied to the creation of home audio solutions.

“ crafts a wonderful combination of forward-thinking audio solutions, combined with high-level

performance and wrapped in an elegant industrial design which is well suited for any décor,” said Jon Baker of Monarch Systems Ltd. Rich Maez added, “With their unique and elegant industrial design, upgradability, and exceptional sound quality for the price level,’s component range is the perfect solution for demanding listeners, luxury buyers, and specialty dealers.”

Effective immediately, Monarch Systems Ltd. will assume the importation of the, creation of retail sales networks (distribution) in the United States, Canada, and Mexico, establishment of marketing channels, and the development of proper media and review relations. To discuss or inquire about review possibilities, please contact Monarch Systems Ltd at 720-399-0072 or [email protected].


Headquartered in Hippolyte, France, was founded in 2016 by Sébastien, Cédric, and Gérard Bermann to design high performance, fashionable audio components for the modern listener. engineer DACs, preamplifier/processors and amplifiers with state-of-the-art sound quality and connectability.

To learn more about the full product line, visit B.Audio Website.

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