HiFi Product Introductions: Chario Speakers. Images of several speakers from the Chario Loudspeaker Collection

Handcrafted Since 1975

Heritage / Passion / Sincerity

Founded in 1975 in Milan and still today, after more than 40 years, Chario is in the very small world of companies that handcraft and totally make their loudspeakers, drivers, and cabinets to meet 100% of their project parameters.  All Chario speakers are designed and made for music lovers, for those who are looking for transparent reproduction able to avoid any interpretation.  Each speaker is immediately recognizable and convertible into concrete sound sensations. 

In a Chario everything in the speaker is Italian, from the massive walnut wood used for the cabinet construction, strictly of Italian origin, to the drivers, also designed and made in Italy.  The quality of the components used is fundamental to Chario, as well as the combination of cutting-edge performance and construction craftsmanship.  Each Chario cabinet is handmade by master woodworkers and carpenters. Starting with the choice of wood, each speaker is the same but unique, in full respect of the Italian manufacturing tradition.

The Collection includes the following Series

  • Chario Academy Series
  • Chario Constellation Series
  • Chario Aviator Series
  • Chario Belong Series (Limited Edition)

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