Alluxity Integrated One Mk. II amplifier in charcoal grey black finish and color touchscreen display

The long awaited Int One Mk. II and its update have finally been approved for full production and the first units are already in production! We have multiple units on order and we will be sending our demos out for audition as soon as we receive them.

Completion of this design was a lot more challenging than originally anticipated. Lifting the level of performance significantly while still maintaining a reasonable price level was difficult in and of itself. Fitting all of the necessary electronics for all of the additional features into the original casework proved to be a hurdle on a whole new level since increasing the physical size of the original Int One chassis was not an option. After an extensive design process, Alluxity did, however, manage to fit everything into the very limited space and the results set a new standard for Alluxity for how much quality (both engineering and sound!) can fit into a given space. Yes, they’re quite proud of their accomplishment!

What are the changes?

The number of volume relays has been greatly increased to offer 1dB volume steps with a range from -79dB to +13dB. This allows much better fine-tuning of music playback levels over the original Int One.

The completely redesigned preamp section is now fully balanced (making the Int One Mk. II fully balanced from input to output) with all of the benefits of balanced technology: lower noise, higher resolution, better bandwidth, and +6dB of greater gain to name a just few. 

Throughout the development it was mandatory to maintain the musicality Alluxity is known for and no compromises were made in this regard. The result is seriously upgraded overall performance, while still being true to the powerful and neutral voice of the original Int One.

Alluxity Int. One Mk. II suggested retail price: $9,500

Learn more about the unit here.

Existing Int Ones can be upgraded. Please contact us for further information and pricing.