Ultra Carbon, Monarch's new product line for sound isolation solutions. News post cover image.

About 4 months ago we began discussions to have a few custom accessories manufactured for Monarch that we could bring to market. The first is what you see here, the Ultra-Carbon RC-40, a 40mm tall, precision machined, stainless steel and carbon fiber record clamp. Ultra-Carbon is a European company that manufactures audio accessories (record clamps, footers) and furniture (racks, stands) out of stainless steel and carbon fiber with our help and direction. 

The RC-40 weighs in at about 985 grams or just a hair over 2 lbs. for excellent damping and coupling between the record and platter.  Plus, here’s something you rarely (if ever) think about: clamps that are screwed onto the spindle or pressed on with a friction connection will have different coupling pressure each time you use them. The force used to set them into place will differ with each use. Unless the way gravity works changes, the RC-40 will have the same clamping pressure each and every time you use it. You also don’t have to worry about any of that pesky thread-stripping that comes with tightening a screw-on clamp too tightly.  

What’s that, you say? Your turntable have a long spindle? No problem, the UC-40’s center hole is drilled deep enough to accommodate them.   

“What ‘tables have you tested it with,” you ask? These ones: Clearaudio, VPI, Merrill Williams (long spindle!), Kuzma, Origin Live, AMG (remove the little plastic spacer on the spindle), Pure Fidelity, Analog Works, EAT, Oracle, Dr. Feikert, Nottingham, Hanss Acoustics, Gold Note, SME, Project, Perpetuum-Ebner, Mark Levinson, McIntosh, Marantz, Well Tempered, and Shinola. 

Finally, here’s the best part: it retails for $250!  Contact us for details.