July 9, 2024

Effective immediately, SME products will be distributed throughout the US & Canada by Monarch Systems Ltd.

9th July, 2024: Englewood, Colorado – Monarch Systems Ltd. is elated to announce our appointment as the official North American distribution partner of SME, manufacturer of a broad range of turntables and tonearms. SME was founded in 1946 as The Scale Model Equipment Company, but it wasn’t until 1959 that founder Alastair Robertson-Aikman transitioned the business to the engineering and manufacturing of precision analog components for the specialty audio Industry. Today, SME produces both turntables and tonearms over a wide span of sizes and price points for many different applications. “SME is one of the few blue-chip luxury audio brands which has been innovating and developing analog products for more than 75 years. State-of-the-art concepts have been thoroughly incubated ‘in-house’ with a combination of cutting edge techniques and hands-on craftsmanship,” said Jon Baker of Monarch Systems Ltd. Rich Maez added, “Not only is SME a historic brand, but their mechanical engineering abilities are matched by very few. They’re not a company to simply rest on their laurels and have continued to innovate over the years, so I Think we’ll see great things for years to come.”

Effective immediately, Monarch Systems Ltd. will assume the importation for SME turntables and tonearms, management and creation of retail sales networks (distribution) in the United States, Canada, and Mexico, establishment of marketing channels, and the development of renewed media and review relations.

To discuss or inquire about review possibilities, please contact Monarch Systems Ltd at 720-399-0072 or [email protected].

Logos, photo images of SME products, and the PDF download of this Press Release can be found below.

About SME

SME was formed in 1946 under the name “The Scale Model Equipment Company” to manufacture scale models and parts for the model engineering trade. During the 1950s SME moved away from model making to precision engineering, principally parts for aircraft instruments and business machines. In 1959 Alastair Robertson-Aikman, the Company’s founder, required a pick-up arm for his own use and an experimental model was built. It received such an enthusiastic reception from friends in the sound industry that it was decided to produce it commercially and the first SME precision pick-up arm appeared in September 1959. At this time the company’s name was changed to SME Limited, a less committal title to suit its new activities.

Today SME is a precision-engineering company based in Steyning, Sussex, England that manufactures high-end, precision-made audio equipment and high-quality precision-made components for the aerospace, Formula 1, and medical equipment companies.

About Monarch Systems Ltd.

Monarch Systems Ltd. was founded by two long-time high-performance audio industry veterans, Jon Baker and Rich Maez, and is an importer of fine upscale sound components and retail environment consultation firm. Monarch’s core operating principles are that a high-performance audio distributor should provide exceptional customer service, proper stocking and availability of products, superior product knowledge, be a proactive and trustworthy business partner, and, above
all, be fun to work with.

Logos, photo images of SME products, and the PDF download of this Press Release can be found below.


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