Sound Isolation Amp Platform

Audio equipment sound isolating wood block platform in macassar ebony wood finish with carbon fiber details on top.


Ultra Carbon + Franc

Ultra Carbon is a sister company to Franc Audio Accessories, though slightly more upscale for some pieces.  All products utilize carbon fiber for damping purposes (an option on Franc products) and the designs are more complex.  Their TC40 record clamps were manufactured specifically for us at Monarch, though other products like the feet and platforms were already in production.



The standard platforms from Ultra Carbon feature multi-layered MDF and HDF construction and bracing for constrained layer damping, a carbon fiber inlay on the top surface, and isolation feet to provide further damping.  Ultra-Carbon amp stands are therefore perfect for vibration-sensitive products such as tube amplifiers, solid-state amps with resonant heatsink fins, or anything on a suspended floor.


A nearly unlimited number of wood veneers and paint colors are available in high gloss or matte finishes.  Standard platforms are 19.7” wide x 17.7” deep x 4.75” high, though custom sizes for larger components can easily be accommodated.  If you’re looking for beautiful, incredibly well-made, and excellent sounding platforms, please contact us at 720-399-0072 or [email protected].

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