Putting together serviceable audio cables isn’t too difficult. Manufacturing very good cables is a completely different undertaking, however.

On a completely different level, crafting reference cables represents even greater challenges. It’s both a mindset and a culture. Every detail must be considered and nothing ignored, a balancing act where success and failure hang in the margins. A list of examples might include competitive sailing, NASA launching spacecraft into orbit, or a Michelin three-star restaurant. These examples along with Siltech’s Royal Signature represent hundreds if not thousands of failures – all the ideas that didn’t work, sails that ripped, shuttles that were too heavy, soufflés that burned, and cables that fell short of expectations. But it’s through this process and determination that racing sailboats fly across the water, man takes their first steps foot on the Moon, a restaurant achieves culinary perfection, and a cable company led by scientists and engineers can achieve the highest results.

Siltech Royal Signature

Royal Signature

Siltech Prince and Princess

Prince and Princess

Siltech Triple Crown

Triple Crown

Siltech’s Royal Signature, from the Prince and Princess to the Triple Crown, represents this kind of crazy determination. The determination to find out what can be achieved when nearly 40 years of trials and tribulations are put to their ultimate test.

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