Image of Stereophile Magazine's cover page showing Chario Speakers and reading Chario Aviator Amelia: From Italy, Real Sound for Real Rooms

Chario Aviator Amelia: From Italy, Real Sound for Real Rooms

Julie Mullins of Stereophile spent the better half of 2021 doing an in-depth review of the Chario Aviator Amelia speakers and her thoughts have been published in the June 2022 issue. If you’re not on their mailing list or receiving their digital copy, run out and buy, borrow, or steal a copy! (Actually, don’t steal a copy. We’ll get in trouble for telling you that.)

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“As his fingers moved across the fretboard, the Amelias sounded like the guitar itself: Once again, the music and speaker became one, in texture, timbre, and musical intent.”

-Julie Mullins, Stereophile Magazine

The Amelia/N51 system permitted the many voices, human and instrumental, to co-exist separately, distinctly, well-mixed, and convincingly in the context of the venue, much as they must have sounded that night in that live performance…

-Julie Mullins, Stereophile Magazine

“The Chario Aviator Amelias are an easy recommendation. If you like what you’ve read here, and if the Chario’s are in your price range, seek an audition.”

-Julie Mullins, Stereophile Magazine

You can read Chario’s Floorstanding Speaker, the Amelia, review in Stereophile’s June 2022 issue or at

Stereophile June 2022 Issue (on stands now).