New batch of awards for Accessory of the year, Editors choice, best cable of the year and best floorstanding speaker

A new batch of Product Awards have landed and several of Monarch’s brands won Best in Class!

Franc: Accessory of the Year Award from HiFi+

Franc is earning a lot of attention recently.  From the Press Selection Product of the Year at the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest a couple of years ago to the current award: Accessory of the Year from HiFi+ magazine for the Ceramic Disc Classic Isolation Footers.  We’ve passed these great little pucks to a few of you to try out and the response we’ve gotten has been just as positive as the magazine’s.  Curious to know why?  Contact us and we’ll fill you in – we’re in the middle of building out the web pages for them on our website, so speaking to us is your best source of info.  To learn more about becoming a Franc dealer, please contact us here.

Siltech: 2021 Editor’s Choice and Cable of the Year Award for Classic Legend 380

The Absolute Sound and Neil Gader’s review of Siltech’s entry into Classic Legend, 380, was published in the January issue of the magazine.  The following month the cable was honored with an Editor’s Choice award as well as the Cable of the Year award!  The writeup got the basic character of the 380 cables absolutely right: they’re fast, they’re neutral, they have great bass power, they image spectacularly, and they have exceptional resolution.  Not much else to ask for, is there?  To learn more about becoming a Siltech dealer, please contact us here.

Siltech: 2021 HiFi+ Cable System of the Year for Classic Legend

In his review of Classic Legend, Alan Sircom had this to say about the newest range of cables from Siltech, “Classic Legend is an extremely neutral conductor, adding or subtracting next to nothing to the sound of the equipment. It’s also extremely consistent: swap digital converters and the Siltech cable that wasn’t in the way of the first one isn’t in the way of the second. Switch from solid-state to valve amplification and the same applies. That’s an outstanding job for a cable.”  We couldn’t have said it any better ourselves.  To learn more about becoming a Siltech dealer, please contact us here.

Chario: Best Floorstanding Speakers Buyer’s Guide Inclusion from PTA

Part Time Audiophile has placed our favorite entry-level floorstanding speaker, Chario’s Constellation Cygnus Mk. II, in the “Best Floorstanding Speakers” for its price point in their Buyer’s Guide 2022.  The original review of the little Cygnus praised the speaker for the things that it did so well (and well above its price point), earning it a spot on a list of some of the best speakers available.  To learn more about becoming a Chario dealer, please contact us here.