There’s always a beginning and for Perpetuum Ebner the journey begins with the 800.

The size, the shape, and the philosophy are just the same as their other turntables, but managed in a way that maximizes value. There are some sacrifices in mass, bearing sophistication, and material technology, but the PE 800 is still a refined workhorse, ready for the home, the office, the dorm-room, or anywhere else you want to hear your records sound their best.


  • Monolithic split-chassis design 
  • Lacquered Medium Density Fiberboard plinth 
  • 0.9” (24mm) damped aluminum platter 
  • 2 kg Aluminum sub-platter 
  • Belt driven 
  • 12 volt DC Motor 
  • 33/45 speed selector 
  • Perpetuum Ebner model TO 2017, 9” tonearm dual-pivot with carbon fiber arm tube 
  • Adjustable damped decoupling feet 
  • W 18.5” x D 13.5”  x H 7” (W 470mm x D 340mm x H 175mm), incl. dust cover
  • Total weight approx. 15.4 lbs. (7 kg)
  • Available with Ortofon 2M Red moving magnet cartridge

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