Modeled after Perpetuum Ebner’s iconic 2020 from the 1960s, the PE 4040 MK II features Perpetuum Ebner’s most advanced technology.

The two-chassis plinth is designed for resonance control and isolates the tonearm from the motor and platter. The massive platter and sub-platter assembly are combined with a flat belt to connect the aluminum platter to the PE 4040 MKII’s accurate synchronous AC motor. On the opposite side of the table sits the Perpetuum Ebner designed and manufactured 9” TO 2018 tonearm, featuring a precision biaxial bearing design and carbon fiber tonearm wand. 


  • Split-chassis design for isolation
  • Solid Noble wood and lacquer finish
  • 1.4” thick (37mm) damped 7.7 lb. aluminum platter and sub-platter
  • Belt driven 
  • 24 volt synchronous AC motor 
  • Electronically controlled 33.3/45 RPM speed selector
  • Perpetuum Ebner designed model TO 2018 9” tonearm, dual-pivot with carbon fiber arm tube
  • Adjustable Sorbothane feet
  • W 18.5” x D 13.5”  x H 7” (W 470mm x D 340mm x H 175mm)
  • Total weight approx. 33 lbs. (15 kg)
  • Available with Ortofon MC Quintet Black S moving coil cartridge

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